Going green on bonds and gilts

By January 19, 2022LinkedIn
green bonds - wind turbines and engineer

National Savings & Investments have launched their first green bonds, paying a rate of 0.65% to investors. The money raised via these three-year fixed-rate savings plans will be used to fund the government’s environmental projects. These could include zero-emissions buses, offshore wind farms, and flood defences.

Savers will need a minimum of £100 to invest in these bonds, which went on sale in October 2021. The maximum investment is £100,000. But savers should be aware there are more competitive savings rates available. Zopa and Atom Bank, for example, were paying 1.6% and 1.45% on three-year bonds as these NS&I products launched. Meanwhile Cynergy Bank is paying 0.66% on an easy access account.

The government also launched its first green gilt in September 2021. This was open to institutional investors, including pension funds, and raised £10bn which the government will invest in green projects. Further green gilts will be offered later this year.

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