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Are you hoping for your loved ones to inherit as much of your estate as possible, one day? Perhaps you are looking at your income and tax return wondering if you are paying more taxes than you should be?

Tax Planning is an integral part of what we do at FAS and we are here to help you minimise the tax you pay.

The tax landscape can be quite daunting and frequently changes so it is certainly worthwhile speaking to us. We can help to reduce your tax burden by advising you on all aspects of Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

The use of legitimate tax planning to reduce your liabilities and ensure you are paying the lowest amount of tax possible can enhance your wealth and standard of living. We advise on how best to use the reliefs and exemptions available to you.

With sound advice and planning, it is also possible to minimise any potential Inheritance Tax on your estate. This is a complex area and it is best achieved by us working closely with a trusted legal adviser.

Our tax planning service includes:

Tax-Efficient Wills

Make sure your estate will be distributed to your loved ones, according to your wishes.

Inheritance Tax

With appropriate Inheritance Tax advice and planning it is possible to minimise any potential liability.

Life Insurance

Protect your family in the event of your death to ensure there is no financial hardship due to the loss of your income.

Trust planning

Find out if you can minimise taxes on your estate whilst retaining a high degree of wealth control.

About FAS

FAS is an established Kent based financial planning practice that has been serving clients across London and the South East for almost three decades. We help clients make wise decisions about their wealth and financial future by offering professional holistic advice on tax planning, retirement, investments and much more.

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Having originally been hesitant to seek financial advice and help with day to day management of our portfolio, FAS have highlighted gaps in our knowledge of some financial products. FAS have helped us to re-balance our portfolio in order to maximise opportunities that allow tax efficiency and growth, with a secure and comfortable retirement in mind. Added to this, it is a delight to meet with Aaron as we greatly appreciate his down to earth approach with a delightful sense of humour and his willingness to reiterate anything we have not grasped or forgotten. He is supported by an excellent team who are all very approachable and professional.

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