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For more than a quarter of a century, FAS has built up an enviable reputation, providing quality holistic financial planning advice to individuals and businesses.

At the heart has been a consistent and disciplined approach to investment management. Over the years, our experienced Investment Committee has constructed individual portfolios with the needs and objectives of our clients firmly in mind.

Always striving to evolve and improve the service we provide to our clients and professional connections, we also now offer our own bespoke discretionary portfolios to complement our tailored advisory service, both of which are widely recognised, as is our level of expertise and experience in this field.

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The FAS investment process is carried out by our own in-house Investment Committee whose members are all highly experienced and knowledgeable investment professionals.

Step 1.
Selection Process

Our Committee follows a strategic selection process by using a wide range of quantitative and qualitative filters.

Step 2.
Identifying Opportunities

Their objective is to narrow the universe of investment options available to UK investors by identifying opportunities that we feel offer the best prospects for outperformance.

Step 3.

This analysis is then carefully considered by Committee members before being approved for inclusion within our investment portfolios.

Step 4.

Some of the many factors taken into account in this process include consistency of performance, management style and comprehensive analysis of investment risk.

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FAS is an established financial planning business based in Kent.

We help our clients to make wise decisions with their wealth and financial future. We do this by offering sound advice in tax planning, inheritance tax, pension planning and more.

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